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with Susan Michele Moll and Carolina Hehenkamp

Day 1:

Arrival at Cusco Airport. Transfer to our hotel in the city. As the flight is long you are free today to sleep, get adapted to the altitude and have time to overcome jet-lag. Possibly a group gathering and/or City Tour in an open bus.

Day 2:

Breakfast at the hotel. Our first group meeting will be in the hotel at midmorning and after an initiation circle we have our first group lunch with live music and enjoy the tasty Peruvian food. In the afternoon we have our first Qeros Pacha Mama ceremony to initiate us and to receive a welcome from Pacha Mama and her many spirit helpers, such as the Andean mountains called Apus, the water, the rivers, the birds and animals. So we will be protected and safe whilst traveling in Peru. 

Our bus will drive us to the outskirts of Cusco, the ceremony will be in nature. In this ceremony we will be guided by Qeros Shaman healers, who will perform an ancient ceremony asking permission from all the spirit beings for protection and allowance for the group to enter their sacred kingdoms, and for our souls to be guided by the highest divine energies for our work here. Each person will be introduced to Pacha Mama and will get three coca leaves to invoke their intent and wishes to her and her spirit helpers. You will experience a wonderful, impressive ceremony that will really touch the heart of every participant. Live music (flute) and beautiful souls will accompany us. Group dinner. (B/L/D)

Day 3:

Breakfast in our hotel. Early morning our bus brings us to the Sacred Valley where we will visit several sacred power places, temples and villages. We will enjoy an abundant buffet lunch at an old Spanish hacienda on the river Urubamba. Ceremonies in the hotel garden or nature. Hotel in Sacred Valley (B/L/D)

Day 4:

Breakfast at the hotel. Early morning we board our bus to Ollantaytambo, where we will visit the ancient pyramid site, climb the steep steps and gather at the sacred Sun Temple on the top for a ceremony or a silent meditation. After our lunch we board the famous Inca Trail train to Machu Picchu. Hotel in Aquas Calientes, the starting point for our visit to Machu Picchu. Dinner at the Hotel (B/L/D) 

Day 5:

Breakfast at the hotel. In the early morning our shuttle will bring us to the famous City of the Condor Machu Picchu, one of the 7 world wonders, at an altitude of 2000 m (6,000+feet). We have the whole day to explore and experience this ancient temple site. Spirit will guide us where to be. We will visit the Temple of the Condor, the Sun, the Moon or the 3 windows and a ceremony will spontaneously take place at various sacred power spots. 

Before entering Machu Picchu we will ask permission from the Keepers of this sacred ancient Inca city, the Puma, the Condor, Father Sun and all the Light Beings that have reigned here for a long time, to enter the city, to be protected and to meditate. 

You will experience how Machu Picchu enhances all prayers and inward meditations, because we are in a strong energy matrix. You can reenter after lunch and stay in Machu Picchu or return on your own in one of the luxurious shuttles to Aquas Calientes. We meet again for a group dinner at the hotel.


Day 6:

Breakfast in the hotel. Early morning we take the Inca Trail train back to Ollantaytambo where our bus is waiting for us to bring us back to Cusco. We arrive around 2pm. Free afternoon and evening to go shopping or visit the town. (B)

Day 7

Today is a very special day, as we travel to the large sacred snow covered mountain Ausangate, about 100 Km. from Cusco. The bus takes us quite high, but to reach the Qeros village we have to hike or ride a horse the rest of the way. The Qeros shamans will lead us in special Pacha Mama ceremonies, which is a wonderful experience in the midst of their untouched natural surroundings. We will be close to the heavens and the energy is very high. It is an ideal place for connecting with your Spirit and Soul in order to learn more about your potential and your life purpose. Lunch, dinner and overnight in the Qeros village. It is very primitive but is amazing to spend time with them for a one night adventure in their own world and environment. After the ceremony there is a picnic outside. There are wonderful lagoons, snow peaks and the sun shines on most days. (B/L/D) 

Day 8

After breakfast each participant will be given a spot in nature in a stone circle in which he/she can do a vision quest, to explore who they really are. The “Vision Quest” is an intensive process to find yourself on a deep level. You remain in your stone circle, meditate, dream and ask for answers. We then travel back in silence and during the afternoon you will have free time in Cusco. Overnight in our hotel in Cusco. (B / L)

Day 9:

After a quick and early breakfast we start our tour for the day, “The Route of the Sun” from Cusco to Puno, visiting an old Spanish church in Andahuaylillas filled with many paintings and decorations; the temple site Raqchi, where we will walk the initiation path of the 7 dimensions into the temple; Pukara and its museum, with it’s many over 10.000 year old statues, like the ones on Easter Island, Tiwanaku and Polynesia. We will have lunch in a restaurant and arrive in the late afternoon in Puno/Chucuito, where our hotel is situated directly on Lake Titicaca, with its magical gardens, crystals and flowers. All meditations, ceremonies, and initiations up to now have been preparing us for our stay on the Island of the Sun, Koa and Crystal City in Lake Titicaca. Dinner in the hotel at Lake Titicaca. (B/L/D)

Day 10:

Breakfast at the hotel. We will leave in the morning to be on Lake Titicaca - a cosmic portal and the highest lake on earth that has boats on it, situated at 4000 m. We will visit the unique and ancient tribe of the Uros people who live on floating islands, built with totora grass that grows in the lake, by attaching the roots to heavy stones. The Uros people will show us their way of living, their costumes and teachings. On our boat we will perform an offering ceremony to the Mother Water, the Divine Mother, showing our gratitude for life and all beings. We will also do the “Life Dreaming” ceremony, connecting the dream of each participant to all the dreams of humanity to call forth a new era of oneness, pure love, compassion and integrity of all people. We will be in the very womb of Mother Water, which is the cradle of the Children of the Sun. 

We will connect ourselves with the ancient Solar Disk from Lemuria, our Inner Sun, the Central Sun and the Sun behind the Sun, so we will receive the divine energies of Father Sun in our Hearts. Picnic Lunch box on an island, dinner and overnight in our hotel. (B/L/D) 

Day 11:

Today we will visit the Amuru Muru Stargate, the natural rock portal between dimensions. Walking as a group the path leading to the Stargate (in the form of the sacred serpent) is a cleansing and memory activating initiation. Our Aymara Shaman(s) will lead us in a ceremony and each participant can experience the portals in the mountain and connect his/her soul and heart with “the other side”.

We will have a picnic lunch box outside and return to the hotel for quiet time. If you wish you can take a taxi to Puno in the afternoon to go shopping, or visit the little village of Chucuito and see its very special architecture. (B/L/D)

Day 12:

Breakfast at the hotel. Early morning we leave on a 2 hour bus drive for the Bolivian border, where you will get your individual visa to be able to enter the country (USA must apply in advance!). Once every one has got their visa, we will drive to Copacabana, a beautiful town on the Bolivian coast of Lake Titicaca, not far from the border. A Bolivian Shaman Elder and a guide await us at the border to escort us during our Sacred Journey through Bolivian. In the harbor of Copacabana our hydrofoil boat waits to bring us to the Island of the Sun, a very sacred island in the middle of Lake Titicaca, once the center of ancient Inca and much older mythologies.

Upon arrival we will visit the ancient temple of the Sun “Pilcocaina” and enjoy a wonderful hike to our hotel. Lamas will come for those who cannot walk so well. Later on in the afternoon we gather the group to share information, to meditate and enter the strong energy field of this island and its duplicate in the higher dimensions. We will stay overnight on the island in our hotel and enjoy a typical Bolivian dinner. (B/L/D)

Day 13:

Breakfast at the hotel. After breakfast we descend the long rock staircase that brings us from hotel down to the lake. Our Kallawaya Shaman and guide will be leading us. Fishermen wait to guide us in a small boat to the sacred Crystal City in the middle of Lake Titicaca. Scientists discovered many ruins and ancient structures in Lake Titicaca, which were identified as temples, terraces and walls. 

After a silent ceremony on the boat, it will bring us to some very special spots for a fire ceremony. Later it will take us to the northern coast of the Island of the Sun where we will hike uphill to the “Sacred Rock of the Puma” and the “Chincana” Pre-Inca temples. It is a day with special ceremonies, wonderful boat tours, incredible views of the lake and the Peruvian and Bolivian mountains with their snow capped peaks. Late afternoon our boat will take us back to the hotel where we walk up the Inca staircase again! Dinner and overnight at the Hotel (B/ L Box/D)

Day 14:

Breakfast at the hotel. Early morning we meditate together on the island of the Sun’s coast. After lunch the hydrofoil boat takes us to the Temple on the Island of the Moon and on to Huatajata, in the south of Lake Titicaca. We visit the Indigenous Museum and have a session with the local Aymara shaman. Last group dinner with Bolivian live music and overnight at our hotel. (B/L/D)

Day 15:

Breakfast at the hotel. Bus transfer to the international airport of La Paz for your flight to Lima and back home.

Pictures & Videos:

For more pictures you can go to and follow the Peru Tours links.

Program extension:

If you want to stay one or more days you can stay at a hotel in La Paz City which we could book for you. You will have time to visit the markets, churches, etc. or go shopping & sightseeing. (B)

Pre-Program: If you would like to come to Cusco one or more days before the tour starts, to get used to the height this is possible. We can book you a room in Cusco in our group hotel. 


12 - 15 PAX : US $ 4,099.00 (Minimum of 12 Participants)

16 - 20 PAX : US $ 3,849.00

The US Dollar Course changes frequently for exchange Prices into Euro etc.


*Hotel in Double Room,

*Daily Breakfast.

*Lunch :


*Entrance Fees to : Uros, and Taquile Islands, and the Sun and Moon Islands.

*Entrance Fees to : all the Temples and Sacred Sites in Peru and Bolivia.

*Transport: Bus, Train, Shuttle, Boat, Ship, Hydrofil.

*Participation in all of the Ceremonies and Celebrations.

*Oxygen in most places.

*Local Guides, Queros Shamans and Assistants.

*Accompanying Guide and Talks: Carolina.

*Accompanying Escort: Susan.


*International flight to Cuzco / Return flight from La Paz to Lima and home.

Overnight stay before the Tour begins 9th September in Cuzco. (Aprox $100.00 US per person)

*Overnight stay after Tour ends on 23rd September in the Airport of La Paz.

*(Aproximately $140.00 US per person).

*Lunch: See Program.

*Dinner: See Program.

*Visa for Bolivia if needed.

*Tips for Bus driver, Hotel staff, Schamans and Guides: $130.00 Peru and $40.00. *(Payable in cash on the first day).

*All extra drinks: Expresso, Bier, Wine, Alcohol, Cocktails (you usually get one free drink with meals, either water, coffee, tea, or juice).



We offer a variety of unique Maui sightseeing tours. These tours are exciting, fun filled, spiritually orientated (if you desire), and are all designed according to your needs. You will gain your own personal experience and connection to the Hawaiian culture and wisdom. Susan, our experienced Maui Magical Mystery Tour Guide, will show you the sacred sites and beauty spots that you would like to visit and experience, some of them unknown to visitors. The natural and magical essence of nature will begin to transform you from the inside out!


You can have a fun filled day simply visiting sacred sites or you can have a spiritual experience as well, it is entirely up to you and your personal preference.

1.A wonderful day trip to Hana and back visiting Keanae, Heiau's, waterfalls, pools, beaches and beautiful sights along the way! 

2.Visit Haleakala Crater, 10,000ft. above sea level for Sunrise or Sunset. the peace and quiet of the crater is amazing and it feels as if you are on top of the world, or on the moon! Followed by a hearty breakfast at Kula Lodge with views of the whole island.

3. With the option to continue the day, hiking into the magical Bamboo forest and having a swim in the beautiful natural pools and waterfalls.

4. Visit the well known surfing, kite and wind surfing Ho'okipa beach park. Watch the surfers enjoy themselves riding the waves. 

Followed by a hike to the amazing Birthing Pools, where the Hawaiians used to give birth by the ocean. See the natural birthing stones and caves where mother and baby would later lie down to rest. You can also swim in one of the magnificent natural ocean water pools and experience your own initiation and re-birth if you wish. Followed by a celebration lunch and a look around the quaint town of Paia on the North shore.

Many other tours available, just ask your hostess.

Prices will be per day, per person, according to the size of the group. No meals included. Discount for children. Please enquire via email for a quote.

Our goal is to offer you an unforgettable, one of a kind, Magical Maui Sight Seeing Tour that you will hold in your hearts forever.


Dear Sue Thank you! You are a perfect hostess! We loved every minute of it. Kind regards and love Darrelle & Cheryl New Zealand.

Liebe Eva und liebe Sue

Als du mir liebe Eva vor zwei Jahren von Maui erzählt hast, da spürte ich den Ruf und die Sehnsucht „da muss ich hin“.

Dann wars endlich soweit am 15. März 2019 ️

Nach einer langen,schlaflosen Anreise sind wir im Paradies gelandet.

Es war wie ein Nachhause kommen, wir standen staunend im Garten voller

Ehrfurcht angesichts dieser Schönheit und Magie.

Jeder neue Tag war ein Tag voller Wunder und Liebe und Gemeinschaft

mit den mitreisenden wundervollen Frauen.

Eva und Sue führten mich sehr liebevoll und achtsam durch meine Prozesse.

Ihr beide seid einfach wundervoll „Engel auf Erden“voller Herzensliebe und Klarheit.

mir fehlen die Worte und ich weiß, dass mit dieser magischen Reise für mich ein neues Leben begonnen hat. Was bleibt ist die Gewissheit, das ich auf Maui meine Seelenheimat gefunden habe und ich mich heute schon freue, wenn ich wieder heimkomme .

Mahalo Eva

"Gleich vorweg: Ich kann die angebotene Magical mystery Tour sehr empfehlen!

Als Seelencoach mit eigener Praxis lege ich ein hohes Qualitätslevel an meine Dienstleistung, die ich meinen KundInnen biete. Genauso möchte ich für mein Geld eine entsprechende Gegenleistung geboten bekommen. 

Ich war jeden Tag aufs Neue begeistert von dem unglaublich malerischen, wunderschönen, fast schon kitschigen Ausblick der (zugegeben einfachen) Unterkunft direkt am Meer.

Jeder einzelne Ausflug war geprägt von wundersamen spirituellen Erfahrungen, Erlebnissen der Rückverbindung und emotionaler Heilung - soferne man sich darauf eingelassen hat.

Bei so viel fast unfassbarer Schönheit der Natur, der feinen mütterlich weiblichen Energie von Maui, den uralten Heimatschwingungen von Lemuria, der für mich unaufdringlichen Leitung und Begleitung von Eva und Sue konnte ich meine Trauer in Bezug auf meinen im Vorjahr verstorbenen geliebten Lebensgefährten loslassen und zu meiner Lebensfreude zurückfinden.

Ich schicke ein von Herzen kommendes Mahalo (Danke) und empfehle die Reise gerne weiter.

Gerlinde Wieländer

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