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My name is Susan Michele and this is my grandson Makyah. I hold the following vision and mission for The Island of Light. My intention is to create with like minded friends a whole new way of living, community, schooling and being on the earth. The old is collapsing around us daily. All that no longer serves us is falling away and clearing the way for something wonderful and new to be created, by those who feel they are here to assist in this process.

We have nothing to hold on to any longer, we are being guided and nudged each day to take yet another step in the direction of change, which seems to be the only constant in my life for sure!

We are in this together NO ONE is excluded and if we want to create a beautiful new way of living together where peace, harmony and abundance for everyone on earth exist, then it is up to us to join light forces and begin to manifest this model now. We have plundered our beautiful Mother Earth enough of all her precious resources, disrespecting and abusing her constantly. Now is the time for us all to make some wonderful and magical changes.

No one person can do this alone, it will take all those whose destiny and vision it is, meeting regularly and sharing our individual gifts, inspirations, ideas and visions to create a model for the rest of the world. I feel very strongly that this is to be on Maui, Hawaii. Being an island filled with an abundance of beautiful land surrounded by nature still untouched by human hands, it seems as if it would be a good place to start!

I was given this vision and mission in 2008. One day in the middle of the night I was awoken by my higher self and was given a huge download of information where I was shown and told exactly why I was here on earth and what my part was! Before this information was given to me, I had no idea that I had anything like this ahead, although I always knew I was here to assist others in one way or another and have followed the path of "Healer heal thyself!" for over twenty years.

I immediately and very excitedly began to write everything I was shown and given and created a mission statement, to give to like minded people who feel it is their destiny to do the same.

I have no idea at this time how, when or where this will take place, it is all in the hands of The Divine we are just the physical conduits acting out The Divine Will so I totally surrender and let go how about you?

If you are interested to know more or would like to join our team of Light workers, please email me and I will be happy to send you more information.


My name is Mary Carol Breckenridge. I wholeheartedly support the vision of The Island of Light. It harmonizes with my personal purpose and my desire to be of service to the unfolding of the Divine Plan.


Mary Carol Breckenridge


Technical and Creative Support for Your Writing Projects

Guidance in Clarifying and Refining Your Words 

for Effective Communication

manuscripts • articles • promotional copy • etcetera – 808-874-3113

I have an extensive background in journalism with monthly and weekly publications. As a writing consultant, I work with writers and authors, inspiring and guiding them in their writing projects.Using my technical, creative and insightful gifts, I offer guidance in clarifying and refining their words for effective communication.

“Mary Carol has been a blessing to all of my writings. She has helped me dig deeper than I have ever been before to find my perfect words. Her writing and editing expertise and her ability to clarify and refine are exemplary. My writings and I are truly blessed by her precious gifts.”

 ~ Paul W. Gangnier, The Highest Thoughts™ 

“Mary Carol was of inestimable help to me in editing my first as well as my second book. She made many important suggestions about the arrangement of the chapters, and their final order is perfect. She was meticulous in going through the text to find grammatical and spelling errors, and she worked very quickly to get the text back to me in a timely manner. I would thoroughly recommend her as a copy editor.” 

 ~ Charmian Redwood

    "Mary Carol is a beautiful soul as well as a fast, accurate and precise editor who gets the work done with expertise. My book has been accepted by a renowned publisher, and I am sure Mary Carol’s excellent help had something to do with it!" ~ Susan Michele Moll



Messages of Illumination from the Inner Earth

and Our Star Brothers and Sisters

Inspiration & Enlightenment for Our Awakening

Volume I 

Reading the messages within this book lifts one to higher frequencies of awareness while imparting pertinent information and wisdom regarding our evolution and concerning our spiritual trans-formation and that of our Earth. The energies embodied in the messages are very healing and assist those who are awakening as well as those who are already on the pathway to Ascension.

Adama, the High Priest of Telos, offers important advice directing us to better care for ourselves, to know who we truly are and to honor and love others.

Our beloved Star Brothers and Sisters are in constant communication and working closely with the Masters of the Inner Earth. They assist the Angelic Host to watch over us and hold the energies in balance, in through and around us and our precious Mother Earth. They lovingly share their energy, offering a higher perspective and bird’s eye view of our evolution and progress during our evolution and Ascension.  



Inspiration and Enlightenment for Our Awakening - Volume I

by Susan Michele Moll & Mary Carol Breckenridge

has been published to the Kindle Store and is available for readers to purchase here.


Dear friends,

 ONE is now published as a print book and is available to order. It is indeed beautiful and filled with Light.

ONE presents our evolution to higher levels of spiritual awareness through a graceful format that offers concepts and perspectives of unity consciousness and our Oneness with All. 

ONE clarifies our transformation to a more evolved way of perceiving reality from a heightened state of awareness while serving as a doorway to further enlightenment and advanced levels of being.The wisdom offered in the pages guides the way to deeper understandings.

ONE introduces new ways of being and will guide you to all that is most beautiful, most loving and most constructive to your personal goals and of being in service to your soul’s purpose.

 “ONE is filled with spiritual Truth that will touch, move and inspire the reader to connect with the omnipresence of God. Every page offers a wonderful opportunity for reflection and spiritual growth.” 

~ Rev. Blaine Tinsley, Unity Church of Maui

ONE is a remarkable achievement. Every page is one to dwell on. It would be a great meditation guide and should be used as a text in courses on spiritual awakening and transformation everywhere.” ~ Samuel C. Dysart Jr., retired marketing executive highly regarded for his insightful evaluations and his writing acumen.

“Cheers to your great work for human kind. Your book is paving way for the peace of mind, body and soul we all long to achieve. Great job! :)”

• Unity consciousness is the Oneness of Love and Light.

It is Source energy. It is our natural state.

Source energy is more powerful than anything in existence. • Every cell, molecule and atom of our physical body is

affected by unity consciousness.

• Our emotional and mental bodies are cleared, healed and empowered by the awakened consciousness

of our spiritual body.

• As all our bodies become lighter and more powerful greater energy and awareness is available to us.

~ ONE—page 29

Gratefully with Love, Mary Carol Breckenridge

ONE(ISBN: 978-1-62857-071-7) may be purchased for $11.97+shipping and can be ordered from the author’s website: orfrom or

Thank you for your order. May you enjoy the gifts of spiritual wisdom within the pages of ONE.

WHOLESALE ORDERS: This book is distributed by Ingram Books and other wholesale distributors. Bookstores or retail outlets will receive book information regarding ONE directly through their distribution wholesaler. Contact your representative with the ISBN 978-1-62857-071-7 for purchase Wholesale purchase for churches, universities, libraries, and other organizations is available through the publisher; please email


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ONE by Mary Carol Breckenridge has also been published to the Kindle Store at and is available for readers to purchase here.




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