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with Susan Michele Moll

  Spiritual Author - Magical Mystery Tour Guide - Facilitator & Divine Energy Channel - Sound Healing - BioGenesis - Aura Soma       

To help you access your full Divine potential. In the process embracing your life and all your experiences as perfect. The learning ground your higher self chose for your spiritual growth and full awakening now. Surrender, embrace, let go and allow your Higher Self to take command!

One of the main reasons we suffer is because of the emotional imprinting we took on while growing up. Surrounded by parents, family and society also acting and reacting from their wounded child self. These imprints rule our lives, create blockages in our aura and can eventually - if not fully experienced - lead to disease. 

In Truth we are magnificent beings of Love and Light that have accumulated a bit of dust along the way! Are you ready to feel these emotions fully? To allow them to Be; love, experience and accept them back to wholeness? Thus enabling a shift in your vibration where these old patterns simply cannot co-exist? The key is self love, forgiveness and acceptance. They will simply dissipate and dissolve away! We are being asked to feel, experience and to Be Fully and Authentically Who We Are. 

TESTIMONIAL - Susan Currie - June 2015

Today I am living a different life. Yesterday I was triggered into a deep old fear, struggling inside to find a longed for safety and love. Sitting in Sue’s presence as she channeled for me the perfect words, feeling and compassion, I could embrace the fear. As the love poured into me I easily breathed and let go. A feeling of ease and grace filled me. As I continued on with my day and faced the old triggers the full understanding came. I was free.

A deep gratitude and feeling of victory remain that is truly wonderful. Thank you, Sue, for being what the teaching is: LOVE.


My sessions with Sue are always powerful and the after effect is life changing. I integrate and contemplate them many times after the session, because the healing and guidance stays with me long after the time. Sue is very kind, nurturing, compassionate and loving and this works very well for me to open up to my Higher Self and go through the healing I need at the time. It is part higher self and part guidance coming through Sue, so it feels empowering and extremely loving. Being in a higher state, which Sue facilitates, enables you to see things in your life in a much more loving way and it just feels good. Way better than a lower state of consciousness which doesn't appear to have any good solutions. Alani.


I have been on a spiritual quest for most of my life. Susan Michele’s website and her service of transformational readings just called out to me. With the knack of a seasoned tour-guide, Sue brought me to a place of such deep understanding that I am still in a state of amazement. My Higher Self and Sue’s kind, intuitive nature led me to the source of an issue that I have struggled with for most of my life. I surrendered into each step and trusted my own basic intuition, with words and symbols appearing in my mind’s eye. The 2 hour adventure proved to be one of the greatest journeys of my life and one that initiated a sense of “wholeness” upon completion of the meditation. My prayers had been answered in a way that I never expected and I am overflowing with gratitude for such a life-changing experience.We discussed what had occurred during our session and Sue shared that she experienced all that I was facing and healing right along with me, even though physically we were thousands of miles apart. Her emotional reaction to my own personal cleansing only validated what had truly happened. Her technique is magical in every way. Sue’s practical, loving, compassionate personality will enable you to dig, with trust, to any point of pain/angst, and restore that place to its original state of health and well-being. Overall, Sue’s methods of transformational healing, coupled with amazing patience and intuition, will be a step in the right direction for anyone who is trying to get to the root cause of their issues for greater health and happiness. Patty.


Susan is a spiritual intuitive whose integrity and expertise are unquestionable. Years of devotion to service and many, many, trainings have elevated her work to the level of mastery that allows an almost instantaneous connection to the Higher Self and its gifts of healing and guidance. It is an honor to experience her work and Presence. It is a miracle to receive her Light. Mirra Rose, 2008.

For more information or to organize a Session in person, on FaceTime, or by phone please call 1 808 280 8476 or write to: directly, or through our Contact Us Page.

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