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The Island of Light - Call Today!  808 280 8476 - Be and Spread the Love that you are.

My name is Susan Michele and I hold the following vision and mission for The Island of Light. My intention is to create with like minded friends a whole new way of living, community, schooling and being on the earth.  The old is collapsing  around us daily. All that no longer serves us is falling away and clearing the way for something wonderful and new to be created, by those who feel they are here to assist in this process.

We have nothing to hold on to any longer, we are being guided and nudged each day to take yet another step in the direction of change, which seems to be the only constant in my life for sure! Sometimes it is scary, as I just don't know what step to take next or which direction to go in. I feel as if I am once again in the void, waiting, praying, hoping for signs to keep on keeping on!

We are in this together NO ONE is excluded and if we want to create a beautiful new way of living together where peace, harmony and abundance for everyone on earth exist, then it is up to us to join light forces and begin to manifest this model now. We have plundered our beautiful Mother Earth enough of all her precious resources, disrespecting and abusing her constantly. Now is the time for us all to make some dramatic changes.

No one person can do this alone, it will take all those whose destiny and vision it is, meeting regularly and sharing our individual gifts, inspirations, ideas and visions to create a model for the rest of the world. I feel very strongly that this is to be on Maui, Hawaii. Being an island filled with an abundance of beautiful land surrounded by nature still untouched by human hands, it seems as if it would be a good place to start!

I was given this vision and mission in 2008. One day in the middle of the night I was awoken by my higher self and was given a huge download of information where i was shown and told exactly why I was here on earth and what my part was! Before this information was given to me, I had no idea that I had anything like this ahead, although I always knew I was here to assist others in one way or another and have followed the path of "Healer heal thyself!" for over twenty years

I immediately and very excitedly began to write everything I was shown and given and created a mission statement, to give to like minded people who feel it is their destiny to do the same.

I have no idea at this time how, when or where this will take place, it is all in the hands of The Divine we are just the physical conduits acting out The Divine Will. I personally have had enough of my will which has never worked, so I totally surrender to the Divine will, how about you?

If you are interested to know more or would like to join our team of Light workers, please email me and i will be happy to send you more information.

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